Orlando Robinson Orlando ROBINSON

With an unexpected turn of pace, Orlando burst through on to the film-making scene, leaving journalism and politics on the halfway line. Including a film with Dapper Films of the Sinai Desert, Orlando's projects reflect his expansive interests - taking in current social issues and the connection between self, place and identity - with a sense of humour that makes him a popular face in the dressing room.

Toby Leigh Toby LEIGH

Tika-taka rather than toe punt, Toby 'Tobatron' Leigh is a versatile all rounder. This journeyman's exquisite skills have been honed over a 14 year period in the design and illustration game. Clients have included giants such as The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Sony and Volkswagen. He has an eye for the peculiarities of modern life and his anarchic Olympic tote bags in 2012 made him some what of a fan favourite.

Mark Cocksedge Mark COCKSEDGE

An editorial and commercial photographer with a wealth of international experience, Mark Cocksedge has created outstanding work both home and away - including a recently funded trip to Malawi with African giants Khama accessories documenting female community groups - in addition to his work for Wallpaper magazine, Icon and Tatler.

Sam Blair Sam BLAIR

A seasoned pro, Sam 'Sicknote' Blair is a documentary filmmaker and graduate of the National Film and Television School. His films have the poise of a finely executed Panenka, including Personal Best, a portrayal of young British sprinters that received a nationwide cinema release. He is currently directing a film about Diego Maradona for ESPN's highly regarded 30-for-30 series.

Harry Bix Harry BIX

Graduating from Kingston's famed academy, fans' favourite Harry Bix focuses on sport-based subjects to describe emotions that break out of the limitations of rules and regulations. He goes all in to seek resolution in personal challenges and relationships, even at the expense of a yellow card. He was recently signed up by European giants of academia The Slade School of Fine Art on a coveted Derek Jarman Scholarship.

Steve Baker Steve BAKER

From ball boy to Ballon D'or, Steve started out as an intern tasked with helping design the official logo for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, later creating award-winning branding for London restaurants and cafes. He is also an artist, having exhibited original drawings across London galleries.

Charlotte Turner

Welsh Wizard - Charlotte 'Chazza' Turner has carved out an exciting body of work since braking onto the scene in 2009. Confident and on the ball, her ability to adapt to different styles, tactics and approaches have brought her much success. From sculpture, to installation through to a more continental style of practice in her performance art, Turner is an exciting prospect.

Anthony Ellis Anthony ELLIS

A prodigious talent, Anthony Ellis graduated from The Royal College of Art in 2003. He has since maintained an ongoing research practice that has centred on the fields of spatial & sound-based studies and cultural typography. In 2012, he made the move to Liverpool John Moores University as a lecturer, helping to inspire the next-big-things.

Charlie Sheldon

London-born Charles Sheldon is a versatile performer who has progressed through Middlesex's school of fine art. He has wowed crowds around Hackney and UK galleries with his deft control of a brush and cracking shot with his camera.

Daniel Haddock

Daniel Haddock is a multi-disciplinary artist - a box-to-boxer with a Cruyff Turn up his sleeve - who presents pseudo scientific theories, occultist beliefs, and esoteric historical artefacts to be considered in a wider context to stimulate dialogue between seemingly unconnected events. He probably has a Cuauhtemina up his other sleeve.

Sam Aldis Sam ALDIS

Sam Aldis graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts (AKA the group of death) in 2009. His interests lie in the way individuals communicate using visual identifiers to represent something about themselves and their allegiances or beliefs. His work explores this via the neat interchanging triangles of architecture, the military and sport, a la Xavi and co.

Director of Football:

With an exciting and unorthodox style, Becky Sloan has exploded onto the film and animation scene. She has formed a deadly partnership with her ex- Kingston University team mate Joseph Pelling. The highlight of their recent work being the short film 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared', which has been screened at festivals across the globe, including the much coveted Sundance Film Festival. Recent silverware includes the Midnight Shorts Award at the SXSW festival.

Oranjeboom Camden Collective